Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Projects Update

I have been unable to post up creations of mine because here lately I have not been doing much creating. I have been really focusing on my health instead. However I have found time here and there to fit in a project or two so I thought I would share them with you guys!!

The Wreath (Anthro inspired)
I finally got to make my wreath!! I absolutely HEART it!! =) I have been seeing these online everywhere and dying to make my own however never really could find the time to set down and do it, because trust me it takes A LOT of time. I am so glad I finally made myself tackle this project once it was finished! I used two old Anthropologie (my favorite store!) magazines I had lying around, a mirror and a piece of my mom's old costume jewelry. It was actually an earring and I took it apart and used just the jeweled part. The best part is I have another one that was the match for a future project! =) This took roughly around six to eight hours to do. First I had to rip out all of the pages. Next I had to roll them into cones. Finally I glued them on a piece of styrofoam boarding arranging them how I wanted. I think it is really cute how I used Anthropologie books and it turned out like it might actually have came from Anthro itself! =) I wish I had step by step pictures for you guys, but I am not that far advanced just yet! I can't wait to tackle another one. The possibilities are absolutely endless. I am thinking of making up several for baby door hangers as well. We will see! Enjoy the pictures! =)

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

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